My Story

My name is Louis, I was born in Southampton and moved to the South of France when I was a few weeks old. I was always exposed to both the English and French languages; speaking English at home as both my parents are British.

I had a ‘Nounou’ a nanny, who was an elderly lady called Madame Pache. She looked after me regularly and spoke French to me the entire time. My Dad noticed that when I got home after a day out with Madame Pache, I was making different noises, trying to imitate French words. As I got older and started school, I only said a few words for around 8 – 9 months, then, one day my Mum came to pick me up from school, she was greeted by my teacher, Sandy, pulling her aside, she excitedly explained “Il parle Français!” (He is speaking French). That day, I had started speaking in complete sentences, I was a 4-year-old English kid speaking French, I did not realise at the time how lucky I was. I was fully immersed in French life and swam competitively and skied competitively representing my club regularly in local and regional competitions.

Since going to England to study for my A – levels, I have flown a glider solo and I am learning to drive.

Being a fluent French speaker, my skills have been useful assisting teachers with their students, by interacting with them in French class. I have translated documents and helped non-native speakers to understand the nuances of the language. My father helped inspire me to teach as although he speaks French; he relies on me regularly when he needs to write to new clients or wants whatever he wants to say to be clear and unambiguous in French.

I look forward to getting to know my students and making the learning process enjoyable.